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Buying an apartment is a big decision and a long-term investment – so you should choose wisely.

The RIO-KANTRIDA project, designed by the Rijeka-based architecture office Rožić architects and partners and Zagreb-based architecture office Rubing projekt,  is of high standard of construction and equipment and it comprises three buildings of contemporary appearance and modern architecture.

The main contractor for the construction of the facility is the company Kamgrad d.o.o., whose many years of experience and proven quality are demonstrated by numerous successfully completed projects.

The high standard of construction and reinforced concrete structure (load-bearing walls, columns and slabs) make the buildings stable and resistant. The buildings are weather-resistant and withstand earthquakes of 8.5 Richter.

The insulation consists of 15 cm of rockwool, and the quality residential façade joinery, made of wood-aluminium profiles (glazed with triple IZO glass with a low-E layer and filled with thermal inert gas), guarantees temperature retention, which implies more energy savings and lower housing costs.

Due to such advanced and environmentally sustainable construction, these apartments are facilities of very low energy consumption, which is confirmed by the assigned A category energy class (15-25 kWh/m2).


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