Do you want to change your living space, buy a bigger apartment, move, or simply live in a more modern and luxurious apartment? Do you have your eye on one of our apartments? We can’t say that we blame you – our apartments combine everything you need in one place: proximity to the city, good traffic connections, view of Kvarner Bay, proximity to kindergartens and schools, the sea, promenades, sports centres, various facilities only for the residents, guaranteed parking space.

Dogma nekretnine offers a solution: replace your current apartment with an apartment from the RIO-KANTRIDA project! We will help you make your dreams come true. We will help you sell your real property so that you could buy a new one.

Our agents will make a free appraisal of your apartment and give their expert opinion about the time period in which your old apartment can be sold and a new one purchased. Turnkey.

In addition, the agency offers loan mediation services in the purchase: Dogma Kapital will offer you the most affordable forms of financing, and we also prepare special financing terms.


You are only a few good decisions away from your new apartment. Don’t miss out on them!